Concrete Resurfacing

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    Concrete Resurfacing:

    Most of the places which are constructed in the past few years have their driveways & pathways as concrete driveways, concrete walkways, or both. Concrete is the most preferred material option for such works because this material is sturdy and lasts for a longer duration. But what do you think you can do when your concrete driveway/ walkways appear to show cracks, weed growth, etc? .Aging concrete is one of the issues we tend to hear from our customers and removing the old one with installing new concrete driveways can be a painfully expensive task to do. Well, the good news is that all those expenses can be avoided & Concrete resurfacing is a solution for this.

    What is Concrete Resurfacing?

    Concrete resurfacing is the process in which concrete is washed, repaired, and coated with the new surface. The short description of this whole process is given below :


    • Washing: The old surface is cleaned with the power washer to remove the dirt and gravels on the surface.
    • Repairing the Cracks: Cracks are filled, strengthen with fabric, and covered with the polymer concrete that is then smoothed out evenly to rest of the concrete driveway.
    • Covering the Surface: After all the fillings and repair work is done & the surface is coated, it is then covered with the polymer concrete, then smoothed out evenly to mix with the old driveway.
    • Curing: Wait for at least 48 hours to let it completely dry, avoid using this area till then.


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    Options for Aging Concrete:

    Aging concrete requires an essential repairing task but resurfacing provides an excellent idea for increased visual appeal which is also a low budget task compared to shaping the concrete for the whole new surface. Undoubtedly, many house owners preferring this process & willing to pay the cost because concrete resurfacing can returns concrete to brand new status. Concrete staining, is the standard task affiliated to resurfacing, is adept at creating vivid colour options with the variety of effects such as wood, natural stone, distressed leather, or colourful murals. More than staining, we can provide you ageing concrete options.

    Coating materials such as flagstone, brick or stone patterns, Sawcut patterns, flagstone, can be symmetrical or random, in which a design is sculpted into the surface to give the stone or brick finish at a minimum cost also, Exposed Aggregate speciality, in which a surface is embedded with small stones to provide a rough textured look for the surface of concrete driveway or walkway, making it more of a slip-free exterior.

    Besides so many prospects, Concrete Resurfacing is termed as the best option for giving a new life to deteriorated concrete. Despite, must be noted if your concrete driveway seems to have damages from numbing or thawing, or hauling, or has lurking soil issue, then you have to tear up the new area and pour concrete all over again, which end up replacing the entire driveway. Hence, better to analyze with the concrete pros to detect if the option is correct for you.


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