Concrete Driveways

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    Concrete Driveways:

    Concrete is the most favoured material for driveways, and for a good reason. It’s durable and a low-maintenance material. Concrete is more expensive than gravel and asphalt driveways, but of course costs less than a driveway made with pavers (brick, cobblestone, or concrete).

    Plain concrete driveways would appear dull in colour, but not to worry they can be painted for adding a new edge. As we provide plenty of choices with assistance for better support in selecting the one that suits your place n pocket too.

    What Is Concrete?

    Concrete surfaces are termed as “cement,” but it’s a misconception. Cement is one of the ingredients of the mixture from which the material was known as concrete is made. The other standard components of the mixes are the aggregate (crushed rocks) and sand, and the mixture just needs to add water and the concrete mixture is ready with this, it is shaped according to the moulds they are kept in, and that is concrete.

    Benefits of Concrete Driveways:


    1. Affordable

    The cost of material and the designs both are important to consider when planning a driveway. Concrete offers competitive starting costs and because of its low maintenance or no maintenance quality also provides more of savings for later.

    2. Quality

    The driveway of our places is the first impression which may create a particular opinion regarding us or house. Concrete surely adds the value and style to our curb that gives an appeal by presenting a clean, professional appearance. We know that concrete driveways are built to outlast your lifetime!

    3. Durable

    Since we’ve already discussed the durability of concrete driveways, we don’t have to think twice before opting for concrete pavements. Natural rock and steel are the only things that can handle the pressure just like the concrete, and when it comes to driveways, concrete take the most abuse and live the longest!

    4. Decorative

    Only if your imagination and creativity has the limit, then just something stop you. Otherwise, the colour and pattern options are limitless. It depends on your taste and preferences.

    5. Versatile

    Delinquent of the landscape around the house, the concrete driveways are worthy. Upgrading the property with concrete is resourceful.

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    concrete driveway melbourne
    concrete driveways melbourne
    When compared to the other materials such as Asphalt, natural stones, precast pavers, concrete turned out to be most reliable and also are less maintenance material for driveways, pavements or walkways. All the concrete driveways compared to other driveways stays for a longer duration if installed correctly, it also remains even in harsh weather conditions like winters or heavy rainy seasons. Adding steel reinforcement or wire will contribute to its strength plus it’ll avoid the cracks in between driveways. Even for cleaning, there are no specific things required, just regular soap and water cleaning would be enough regarding the purpose of maintenance.

    Concrete Exposed aggregate offers you the wide variety of patterns and finishes for driveways such as stamped finish, engraved pattern, geometric shapes pattern, mix match colours etc.


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