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    Concrete Patio:


    A patio is an essential part of outdoor living. We like to spend much time there whether it’s with friends and family or just some alone time reading a book or so on our patio. Since concrete has a wide variety of designs and patterns, also because of its durability concrete is the most preferred option for installation of patios. A concrete patio has plenty of benefits when it is compared to other patio surface and decking options.

    Let’s try to understand the process of making a concrete patio which is described in following steps:

    1. Clearing the site:
    The selected site must be cleaned including the gravels, grasses, small plants and the loose or unsettling soil which can later disturb the construction of patio or create a depression on the patio.

    2. Spreading the base material:

    A particular type of material is spread over the area, which prevents the profound soil disturbance due to extreme freezing or over-saturation conditions. Then later a base material consisting fine gravel and coarse sand is spread whose thickness is 4-6 inches deep.

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    3. Boundry controllers:

    These are built with bending material are constructed in such a way that it will hold on to the base layer in its place in order protect it from erosion through which the patio won’t be disturbed. Also, it is the less costly way, which will keep the patio as new as the time it was constructed.

    4. Bedding and Paving:

    This layer includes a layer of concrete & sand spread in 1.5 thickness which is levelled to create the little-sloped base to assure the drainage system & a concrete slab is poured and left for setting as concrete patios.

    5. Sealing:

    And finally, the patio is sealed with acrylic sealer with a mat finish which is suggested to keep paving from colour fading and in preventing stains. It may also require the resealing at regular intervals for keeping the show of patio intact mostly the area with heavy traffic and extreme seasons.


    1. Versatility: Wide ranging variety of designs and colour options makes it more convenient to choose.

    2. Easy maintenance: Patios are constructed in a way to avoid any weed or grass growth, also can be cleaned with general processes.

    In the recent years, Concrete Patios have gained popularity due to its unique designs, durability for more extended periods, less maintenance also its beautiful cuts and patterns are adding a modern touch to their house’s front area or anywhere it is made. As we know a man is a social animal and who don’t like compliments from others, we are sure you would too want to be praised from your social people. So grab the opportunity and contact us for seak designs and pattern Patios. We would do everything, right from arranging materials to installing the patios, for this, we have an excellent team of workers to do. We will try to provide you with an excellent quality construction within your budget and the style best suited for you.


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